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Industry standard for rotary pumps, these are by far the heaviest duty pumps, ideal for tough outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. Suitable for transferring media into smaller container or for quick refuelling of diesel powered vehicles or equipment
Deliver media with a head / lift upto 20' (6 metres)
Solid cast iron construction, fully CNC machined to close tolerances
Pump handle rotates a high quality sintered powder metal 3 vane rotor inside a highly finished pumping chamber
Graphite vanes are self lubricating & non wearing
High quality graphite seal allows the pump to be used with a wide variety of fluids
Self priming operation with discharge up to 38 LPM
For use with 50-210 litre barrels
WETTED COMPONENTS Cast Iron, Steel, Graphite, Paper, Polypropylene
RECOMMENDED USE Petroleum based fluids, Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene
DO NOT USE WITH Water Based Media

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