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Two Screw Pumps

Typical Pumped Media : Crude Oil, Additives, Paraffin, Base oils, Petroleum products, Bitumen, Polyester, Fuel oils - all grades, Residues, Lubricating oils - all grades, Soap, Vegetable oils, Molasses, Vanaspati, Sugar syrup, Fruit Juices, Bilge

Typical Application : Loading & unloading of fuel oil and other products from: Railway wagon rakes, Truck tankers, Barges, Ships and Tankers, Bulk cargo handling
Process pumping of high viscous products such as bitumen, molasses, soap and similar products
Long distance pipeline pumping of viscous products

Industries : Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Marine & Navy, Petroleum refineries, Terminals, Depots, Oil blending stations, Steel plants, Fertilizer industries, Petrochemical plants, Carbon black, Food & Beverages, Paper and Pulp

Maximum performance data

Capacity : upto 15000 lpm

Diff. Pressure : upto 120 bar

Maximum Operating parameters

Viscosity : 1 to 50000 cSt

Fluid Temperature : upto 350 °C

Material of Construction

Casing options : Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Fabricated Steel /

Fabricated Stainless Steel
Screw set option : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

Liner options : Cast Iron / Bronze / Stainless Steel

Sealing Options : Gland Packing, Mechanical Seal

Construction features

Bearing location : External / Internal
Jacketing options : Casing / Foot / Cover / No jacketing

Mounting options : Horizontal foot / Vertical pedestal / Vertical tank

Relief valve options : Built-in / Line mounted

Accessories : Relief valves, base frame, coupling, coupling guard, companion flanges, pressure gauges, electric motor, variable speed drives, etc.
Pump mounted on a base plate with above accessories as a ready to install system can be supplied

Salient features:
Positive clearance between rotors
No metal to metal contact between rotors
Dry running capability
Negligible wear over years
Axial smooth steady flow
High speed running
Pulsation free output
Negligible vibrations
Insensitive to varying viscosities
Long maintenance free service
Lowest NPSHR
Shaft sealing at suction pressures
Axial thrusts completely eliminated
Interchangeable liner
Adaptability of various MOC

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