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Chemical process pumps-Vertical


Application : Corrosive and abrasive process chemicals like acids, alkalies, solvents, slurries, hydrocarbons, crystallizing liquids, chemical effluents.

User Segments: Chemicals , Refineries, Power, Mining, Textile, Paper and Pulp, Pharmaceuticals, Water treatment, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Steel, Plastics and Rubber, Paints and Dyes , Sugar, Automibile, Bulk drugs.

Range :Capacity upto 1500 cumph Head upto 150 mlc
Temperature -30 0c to 200 0c Sp gravity upto 2
Viscosity upto 20 cSt Test pressure upto 24 kg /
Delivery size upto 200 mm NB Installation Depth upto 10 m

Optional Features:
1.Variety of wearing rings
2.Shaft sealing by gland packing or a variety of standard mechanical seals
3.Wet bearing lubrication by pumped liquid / water / grease for higher installation depths
4.Support plates of various shapes, sizes and standards
5.Cantilever design for slurry applications
6.Rubberlining for casing , column pipe and delivery pipe for corrosive liquids
7.Steam jacketing for special liquids like molten sulphur

Versions :
1.ES: Standard glandless version
2.EG: Vapour sealing ( Gland packed version )
3.EV: Vapour sealing ( Mech.seal ) version
4.EJ: Steam jacketed version for Crystallizing liquids
5.EC: Cantilever version
6.EL: Rubber lined version
7.ED: Dual delivery version

Material : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Alloy cast Iron, Stainless steels, Super alloys, Nickel alloys, Bronzes, Rubberlining.




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