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Chemical process pumps


Corrosive and abrasive process chemicals like acids, alkalies, solvents, slurries, hydrocarbons, crystallizing liquids, chemical effluents.

User Segments
Chemicals, Refineries, Power, Mining, Textile, Paper and Pulp, Pharmaceuticals, Water treatment, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Steel, Plastics and Rubber, Paints and Dyes, Sugar, Automibile, Bulk drugs.


Capacity upto 1500 cumph Head upto 150 mlc
Temperature -30 0c to 200 0c Sp gravity upto 2
Viscosity upto 20 cSt Test pressure upto 24 kg /
Delivery size upto 200 mm NB

Standard Features
1.Centrifugal, single stage
2.Back pull out design
3.End axial suction, Top centerline delivery
4.Dimensions as per DIN 24256 / ISO 2858
5.Flanges as per DIN standard
6.Shaft sealing by mechanical seals
7.Sealed , grease lubricated ball bearings

Optional Features
1.Variety of wearing rings
2.Shaft sealing by gland packing or a variety of standard mechanical seals
3.Bearing lubrication by oil
4.ANSI drilling on DIN flanges
5.Provision for API flushing plans

1.HN : Standard version as per DIN 24256
2.HM : Motor shaft version
3.HS : Single bearing version
4.HE : Elegant Version
5.HP : Self priming version
6.HH : Hard material version
7.HJ : Jacketed Version
8.HL : Rubberlined Version

Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Alloy cast Iron, Stainless steels, Super alloys, Nickel alloys, Bronzes, Rubberlining

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