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Decades of experience in development & manufacturing of injection Moulded
Polypropylene Corrosion Resistant Pumps.
Design philosophy is to design pumps that are simple, rugged & reliable using the most
appropriate materials.
Polypropylene, a vinyl polymer has low density, is fairly rigid & has temperature
resistance up to 80º C. Its outstanding characteristic is resistance to strong acids
coupled with good mechanical properties, light weight & excellent resistance to
corrosion make it an obvious choice for ANTICO pumps.
ETP 50
ETP Series Pumps are polypropylene self priming pumps hence are best suited for
pumping effluent in chemical process industries.
The range offers several advantages,
1. a normal centrifugal pump with a priming bowl and a built-in NRV
2. compact and light weight as compared to heavy vertical submersible pumps
3. will lift from a vertical height of 03 m.

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